Thursday, 24 June 2010

Matias Aguayo & Band - LIVE UK DEBUT!

We are proud to announce the second installment of Tender Love Soundsystem with Matias Aguayo performing with his Band in a live UK debut show at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.

Matias Aguayo is not a stranger to London audiences. He has DJ-ed alongside his Kompakt label friends Michael Mayer, Superpitcher and DJ Koze and headlined nights in clubs such as Fabric and Plastic People, to name the few. After his last year's long play "AY AY AY" - voted by Bleep, Resident Advisor and many others one of the albums of the year - Matias Aguayo ventured on a quest for the ultimate street party experience, mixing house, techno, disco and pop with Latin and African influences into something that escapes all definitions, making the tag "world music" sound silly. This devotion to musical eclecticism and latin-infused romanticism in approach to songwriting won him Artist of the Year title at Bleep, around the same time as "Rollerskate" was becoming the first great dance anthem of 2010.

Described as one of dance music's most charming shapeshifters - "part beat-boxer, part whistler and moaner, part bizarre shower chanteur" (XLR8R) - Matias Aguayo is really hard to nail down. Chile-born, Cologne-bred and currently cruising between Paris and Buenos Aires - Aguayo has set up his own label, Comeme, and travelled South America with a series of spontaneous street parties known as the BumBumBox. Asking his booking agents for his current location often results in a moment of confused silence followed by: "Erm... could be anywhere now, really".

Well, we certainly know where he is going to be on the 20th of July!

This summer we're bringing Matias to London for an exclusive UK live show with his newly formed band. Make no mistake, this is the only chance to see Matias and the Band in the UK, come September the boys go back to Latin America to indulge in their own quest for the ultimate street party experience.

Supporting Matias Aguayo is our fellow Comeme fan Casper C (Blogger's Delight), wunderkind producer Marcas Lancaster (Man Like Me / Kitty Yo) and Tender Love with special guest DJs. Doors open 7.30pm until 1am. Tickets are £11, available from and

* * *

Casper C (Blogger's Delight)
Marcas Lancaster (Man Like Me / Kitty Yo)
Tender Love + special guests TBA

Tickets: £11 advance MusicGlue / Ticketweb