Thursday, 22 July 2010

Pictures from TLSS with Matias Aguayo & Band

Wowow! What a night it was - on a Tuesday in the middle of the festival season Matias Aguayo & Band managed to fill in the entire room! You could feel the restless tension in the air as people were gathering in the back room of Hoxton Bar. The night kicked off properly with Casper C, who played an energy-fuelled Comeme set and raised the temperature in the room to the point of boiling. Even Matias and his merry crew were impressed. Smoke machines went on full power - there was some heavy smoking in the backstage too ;) - and the three Chillean musicians came out on stage to perform their very own interpretation of dance music, LIVE. It was a compelling show with some really unique orchestrations - imagine "Rollerskate" played live in extended version and you get half the idea...

Videos from the night coming soon, meanwhile - we're posting some pictures on the blog. You can find more on Facebook, just search for Tender Love Soundsystem, join the group, and see it for yourself - absolutely unforgettable night.

At some point, outside the back room we bumped into Romy from the xx and, slightly stunned, engaged in a short but lovely conversation. I didn't dare thinking she came to see our show, nor try to imagine the entire xx with their manager would come to the TLSS party. Turned out they did! Shortly after Matias went on stage, the xx's manager came up to Phoenix - our precious door girl - and asked if he and the band could come in to see the performance...

Would you say no to the xx?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Casper C promo-mix for Matias Aguayo live show

Casper C prepared a new promo-mix in support of this week's Matias Aguayo live show. Featuring tracks from Skatt Bros, Rebolledo and MJ Cole - this is the first in the series of Tender Love guest-mixes, watch this space for more treats!

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.


Sugar Daddy - Another One Bites The Dust (Remix Instrumental)
Rebolledo & Daniel Valoso - Colt Seavers
Skatt Bros - Walk The Night
Discodeine ft Matias Aguayo - Singular
Pankow - Girls & Boys (Betty Botox Edit)
Christian S - Jagos
Mu - Tiger Bastard
Alden Tyrell - Eagle's End
MJ Cole - Volcano Riddim
DJs Pareja ft Lady Bumbumbox - Ponelo
Matias Aguayo & Michael Mayer - Slow (Kyle Minogue Cover)

Friday, 16 July 2010

FACT Magazine and Kultureflash

Here we go folks! FACT Magazine and Kultureflash both featured news about the second Tender Love Soundsystem installment with Matias Aguayo & Band. We're covered.

We have also managed to sort out a mighty LED lights set-up, pre-programmed by our in-house expert McDeath.

Now we're working on a special after party set - it ain't over until 1am - get your dance routines ready for Tuesday, you have the whole weekend to practice!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Resident Advisor features Tender Love Soundsystem!

Our night with Matias Aguayo & Band made it to the News Feed on Resident Advisor frontpage:

The tickets are still available from MusicGlue and Ticketweb.

Get them now, it's going to be one to remember!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Matias Aguayo & Band - flyer and poster

Poster and flyer designed by Mori.

For the second edition of Tender Love Soundsystem, apart from Matias Aguayo & Band and Casper C, we welcome on board Marcas Lancaster - producer, composer and DJ extraordinaire, known for his contributions to Man Like Me and Kitty Yo, to name the few.

Doors open 7.30pm, don't miss it!