Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tender Love Summer Mixtape

It's summertime and we're feeling the magic! The time of hedonistic pleasures, rooftop parties and festival treats... We visited Berlin sometime in May - baking in the sun at the garden of Panorama Bar must have been the highlight - and a month later we flew to the off-Sonar parties in Barcelona. We were completely blown away. Beach party too pool party to rooftop rave to club - REPEAT - with some of the most forward thinking dance music out there, amazing party people from all over the world and the baking Spanish sun...

Despite the moody sky above London, we can feel the summer vibes all around now and it leaves a lasting imprint on the music we listen to - and the music we play. Here's our first summer transmission, mixed by KV. Because sharing is loving... :)

Tender Love Mixtape 02 (mixed by KV) by TenderLove

Enjoy yourselves and stay free!

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